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The mechanosensitive ion channel ASIC2 mediates both proprioceptive sensing and spinal alignment

Bornstein B, Watkins B, Passini FS, Blecher R, Assaraf E, Sui XM, Brumfeld V, Tsoory M, Kröger S, Zelzer E.

Experimental Physiology


A single-cell census of mouse limb development identifies complex spatiotemporal dynamics of skeleton formation

Markman S., Zada M., David E., Giladi A., Amit I., Zelzer E.

Development Cell


Molecular characterization of the intact mouse muscle spindle using a multi-omics approach

Bornstein B. Heinemann-Yerushalmi Y., Krief S., Adler R., Dassa B., Leshkowitz D., Kim M., Bewick G., Banks RW., Zelzer E.



Neonatal Enthesis Healing Involves Noninflammatory Acellular Scar Formation through Extracellular Matrix Secretion by Resident Cells

Vinestock RC, Felsenthal N, Assaraf E, Katz E, Rubin S, Heinemann-Yerushalmi L, Krief S, Dezorella N, Levin-Zaidman S, Tsoory M, Thomopoulos S, Zelzer E

The American Journal of Pathology


Application of 3D MAPs pipeline identifies the morphological sequence chondrocytes undergo and the regulatory role of GDF5 in this process

Rubin, S., Agrawal, A., Stegmaier, J., Krief S., Felsenthal N., Svorai J., Addadi Y., Villoutreix P., Stern T., Zelzer E.

Nature Communications


BCKDK regulates the TCA cycle through PDC in the absence of PDK family during embryonic development

Heinemann-Yerushalmi L, Bentovim L, Felsenthal N, Vinestock RC, Michaeli N, Krief S, Silberman A, Cohen M, Ben-Dor S, Brenner O, Haffner-Krausz R, Itkin M, Malitsky S, Erez A, Zelzer E.

Developmental Cell


More than movement: the proprioceptive system as a new regulator of musculoskeletal biology

Bornstein B., Konstantin N., Alessandro C., Tresch MC., Zelzer E.

Current Opinion in Physiology


Bi-fated tendon-to-bone attachment cells are regulated by shared enhancers and KLF transcription factors

Kult S, Olender T, Osterwalder M, Markman S, Leshkowitz D, Krief S, Blecher-Gonen R, Ben-Moshe S, Farack L, Keren-Shaul H, Salame TM, D Capellini T, Itzkovitz S, Amit I, Visel I, Zelzer E



3D MAPs discovers the morphological sequence chondrocytes undergo in the growth plate and the regulatory role of GDF5 in this process

Rubin S, Agrawal A, Stegmaier J, Svorai J, Addadi Y, Villoutreix P, Stern T, Zelzer E




Piezo2 Expressed in Proprioceptive Neurons Is Essential for Skeletal Integrity

Assaraf, E., Blecher, R., Heinemann-Yerushalmi, L., Krief, S., Vinestock, RC., Biton, I. E., Brumfeld, V., Rotkopf, R., Avisar, E., Agar, G., & Zelzer, E.

Nature Communications


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